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We want to start open conversations and aim to do that through something fun and creative (ie clothing) but the reason we started runs much deeper than that. 

We created the ED recovery programme because we wanted to make the process of sizing up/down during ED recovery easier for our customers. We know weight gain can hinder recovery and overshooting can happen, which lets face it can be incredibly expensive in terms of clothes. We want to change that. To find out more about this programme head to our FAQ


Our aim

Heads up hopes up was born from the idea of trying to break the stigma for ALL mental illnesses and help people in recovery for eating disorders. Our aim is to turn something that causes pain and can be extremely triggering such as sizing up in clothes into something happier. 

We know weight fluctuates a lot during recovery before you finally settle into your natural weight. Finding clothes to fit during this time can be challenging and we know how hard it can be to want to progress with recovery when you start growing out of your favourite clothes. So we want to try make the process a little easier by offering our ED exchange programme. We offer an exchange of our clothes at discounted rate for those changing size, no matter how well worn (we hope you like them enough for them to be well worn). 

Recovery is tough but so incredibly worth it, we're just here to try make it slightly easier.

We also hope our clothing can spark conversations about mental illness. Talking about it with friends/families/anyone helps to break the stigma and misconceptions that still surround mental illness. 

My story

I am the founder of heads up, hopes up as well as a mental health and body positive advocate. I first started speaking out in February 2019; which was just a year after I started my recovery journey. 

I started suffering from mental illness at a young age and still to this day suffer with depression and anorexia nervosa. Recovery has given me so much freedom and I only hope I can inspire others to take the first steps on their path of recovery by making the sizing up process a little easier.

Recovery instagram: @helpinghollyy


For those that talk to me aloud, my brain and my mouth don't always sync up when I'm talking. This means that I sometimes use words that I don't quite mean, even though I do know the proper meaning of said words. I know what I'm trying to say but can't always convey it so please bare with me. For example I accidentally used the word 'charity' to describe my brand, it's not a charity since we sell products to make a profit but we are trying to raise awareness for mental illness and help those that do suffer from Eating Disorders. By the time I'd realised what I'd said it was to late to correct myself. Sometimes it takes a while for me to get to my meaning but hopefully you'll get the gist of what I mean. Thank you for baring with me.

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