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We're all about lifting up each other and helping small businesses like ourselves. So here's a special page for all the people/brands/companies that we feel need a little bit more attention.

An amazing music venue and recording studio that offers a unique experience into the underground rave seen in Huddersfield. It gives people a safe space to enjoy the music they love without being ripped off by big nightclubs.

Instagram: @Bassmentofficial


Looking into getting in to working out but not sure where to start? Whether you need inspiration for home workouts or are looking for a PT this girl has it all. No bullshit and proper guidance.

Being healthy isn't about putting the most hours in or counting all your calories, she'll keep you on the right track while still pushing you through the heavy lifts.

Instagram: @Becks_lifts 

This absolutely lovely angel creates the most amazing art pieces! If you love a good woodland/earthy vibe then definitely give her page a click. I couldn't recommend her enough and I have loved every single piece I've bought from her.

Instagram: @meggardner_art


Want a clothing brand that's working towards de-stigmatising and normalising mental health? then Night in Gale is one to check out. He has an amazing website full of resources and stories of people living with mental illness. It is so incredibly inspiring and amazing.

Instagram: eye_of_your_storm

A beautiful and unique way to spruse up your coffee tables are these little resin pieces. She custom makes every design so you can mix and match designs and colours. 

Instagram: @itsb_creative


Made by Georgia Mai is an amazing brand that focuses on positivity and wellbeing.

It's the small things that can really made a massive impact on those suffering from mental illness and her lovely little pick-me-ups are just what we need sometimes. Her products can certainly get conversations about mental health started.

The most lovely person runs this brand and she's always happy to help anyone in need. She's an inspiration and deserves more recognition.

Instagram: @madebygeorgiamai

Need some more conscious and ethical period products? Flo products are all made from 100% organic cotton and natural bamboo. AND they donate 5% of profits to girls and women in need. They even have a subscription service that means your products get delivered to your door every month. You never have to worry about having to do the toilet roll stuffed pants run to the shop ever again.

Instagram: @hereweflo


Connor and Greg created this amazing podcast to talk about mental health. Mens mental health is so ran away from for so so many reasons but these two are so incredibly honest in their podcast and funny af too. They are two of the loveliest people I've ever spoke to and I feel so lucky to know them. Definitely give these two a listen and follow them on instagram for some amazing information surrounding mental health. 

Greg also puts out these amazing mental health zines which are packed full of amazing information and resources. His first one was so incredible that he's making a second addition so don't miss out when that's released.

Grab a vine here

Listen to their podcast here

Instagram: Greg - @tofeelhealed

               Connor - @recoveryconnor

Need some new artwork? Look no further, this incredibly talented angel has so many gorgeous prints (and now pins) for you to snatch up. She is one of the sweetest, kindest and generally amazing people I've ever met and her artwork reflects just how incredible she is. She deserves all the support in the world so go check her art out.

Etsy: @MhairiSteeleDesign

Instagram: @Mhairisteeldesign

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