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10 reasons why you should keep inviting those with depression/anxiety to events.

10 reasons why you should keep inviting those with depression/anxiety to events - even when they're socially withdrawn. Post by @realdepressionproject, you can find the post here.

  1. It reminds them they're not alone

  2. They known you'll be there for them when they feel better

  3. It'll show you aren't taking their social withdrawal personally

  4. It opens the door to alternative meetings - for example, they may respond with "I'm too overwhelmed to go to a party but would you like to go for a walk and a catchup when you're next free"

  5. It helps fends off negative thoughts like "no one cares about me"

  6. It reassures them that anxiety/depression isn't coming in between your friendship

  7. It shows you still love them

  8. It adds light to their darker moments

  9. It shows you accept/value them even when they're not "at their best"

  10. It gives you an opportunity to check in / see where they're at

Please keep inviting those with anxiety / depression to social events - even if they don't come this gesture can mean the world to them.

And if they say no - reassure them you understand and you're there when they're ready

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