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10 things you don't need to point out to someone with Depression by @realdepressionproject

Written by @realdepressionproject

  • That there are people worse off

  • That things "could be worse"

  • That no one said life would be easy

  • That they need to "get over it"

  • That they need to "cheer up"

  • That everyone goes through dark moments

  • That they need to "lighten up"

  • That they don't look depressed

  • That things would be better if they were able to "think positive"

  • That you hate their depression

These comments:

  • Dismiss one's struggle

  • Are too simplistic

  • Make one feel guilty / ashamed

  • Invalidates their emotions

  • Make them feel misunderstood

  • Worsen their symptoms

It's better to lend a hand than point a finger.

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