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7 useful tips for working from home, from actual people working from home

  • On a night put your laptop/papers all together in a place you can't see them. In a drawer/cupboard out of sight so every time you walk passed your desk when you're done for the day you aren't still thinking about work

  • Take advantage of still being able to exercise or just get some fresh air in the garden (if you have one). Staying inside all day every day will start sending you crazy. I know this is so much harder with the stormy weather but getting out even in wellies and fluffy hats will still make you feel better

  • Create a little self care box for yourself. Favourite teabags, chocolate bars, hand cream. Anything. Everyone treats themselves differently so create your own box that you can refer to when you're feeling stressed. The little things, like a good brew and a quiet minute to yourself really can help as simple as it sounds.

  • If you have a good work relationship with colleges put together non-work activities. They did a 'pub' quiz night a few nights ago via skype. Everyone had drinks, families got involved. Some people don't always have friends/family they can facetime in times like this so getting people you get along from work together for something non-work related can really help those people. and it's something fun to do to make people's evenings a bit more lively.

  • Talk to people. Let people know you're stressed or struggling with the workload. Don't bottle everything up until you burst. More often than not people will understand and help.

  • Take regular breaks, whether it's for a snack or a coffee. staring at a screen without a break will start to break you.

  • Don't neglect meal times. make sure you have lunch and don't forget to eat if you get stressed. My dads work group chat have a "who has the best lunch" competition every day to try remind and motivate people to remember to eat.

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