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A list of little things that can help you feel better when you can't get out of bed

We all know the bad mental health days when the world feels like it's too much to handle. Completely bed bound and overall just feeling like crap make things super super difficult. So here's a little list of the things that i found i could do and did make me feel slightly better when getting out of bed seems like the biggest mountain. This isn't going to work for everyone, we all have different abilities. I struggle to brush my teeth when i'm having a bad day but to others it might not be a struggle at all. and if you're neurotypical, remember that this list might seem like super simple things but to others it can feel like the end of the world, so be kind.

This is not be scientific advice or probably not any advice a proper professional would tell you, but they might also tell you to go for a walk and eat a salad (real advice I have been given lol). That's just not realistic.

  • If you can't find the energy to brush your teeth, try just swirl some mouthwash or even cold water. It doesn't have to be the full 30 seconds or whatever they advise just a few seconds. It'll make you feel so much more refreshed. Try time it for when you're going for a pee so it's not a full task in itself. You're already by the sink. And if you feel yourself falling into bad days try be helpful to yourself and keep mouthwash by the sink (if you don't already), if it's not within arms reach i'm not doing it.

  • Make the bed but you don't have to get out of it. This one is pretty high energy, at least for me, so if this is too hard don't worry! i feel better for having the bed made and laying on top of it under blankets, because it sort of feels like i've distinguished between bedtime sleep and naps during the day.

  • Light a candle/incense or spray some room spray. My room always feels so stuffy when i'm having a bad day, and something to make the room smell nice is always a bonus. Once again with the mouth wash situation, make sure it's already in the room if you can feel yourself slipping. If it's not easy accessible you ain't doing it.

  • Open the window, but keep the curtains closed if you don't want to face the world. Letting a bit of fresh air in takes away from the stuffy feeling but i super don't want my curtains open when i'm having a bad day. Who needs the sun mocking them right?

  • GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. This doesn't mean get off your phone. I always feel a million times worse if i've spent all day just scrolling through the same 4 apps. Find a game on your phone or a book or put your favourite movie on instead. That way you're still distracting yourself and you don't have to get another device than what's already in your hand, but you don't have the constant dread of scrolling social media for 8 hours.

  • Take as many naps as you need. Naps make the day go faster and tomorrow's a new, better day. Do what you need to do to survive the day.

  • Try keep all your rubbish in a bin. Honestly this makes you feel so much cleaner, so if you don't already have a little bin in your room get one!

  • If you manage to get energy to go to the kitchen, fill a big bottle of water for you to drink throughout the day. It's easier to drink if it's already by you and so much less energy then constantly having to refill a glass.

  • Similar to the water situation, SNACKS! Try grab something quick and easy that you can keep in your room if you feel yourself slipping. Won't be the most nutritious but will definitely help keep the hanger at bay, which is just going to add to your bad day. Try get everything in the one trip, picture Andrew Garfield in the amazing Spiderman after he's grabbed all the food out the fridge.

  • If you have long hair put it up with a SCRUNCHY (read scrunchy again please). Bobbles make your hair feel so tight and hurty, but i can wear a scrunchy all day and not feel it pulling at my hairs. I find it really hard to brush my hair if i'm struggling so putting it up and out the way makes it feel way less knotty. It also means i'm not tempted to get some scissors and cut it all off when i started getting irritated.

  • Deodorant is your friend when you don't have the energy to shower, it'll make you feel a little less gross.

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