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New Years resolutions

I don't normally set new years resolutions because i'm not very good at actually

sticking to things for one, and i also think it puts far too much pressure on completing them.

But this last year has been really hard. So i decided that maybe some goals or something to aim for would be good for me this year.

I'm in the probable minority with this but i actually thrived in the first lockdown. Craig convinced to go for my dreams and start a mental health brand. I took the time to try new hobbies i'd always wanted to do. I was really living. But somewhere around lockdown 2 or 3, they finally started to plummet my mental health. and i've been struggling ever since. I let my hobbies drop off, i stopped selling clothes and i just overall sank into a pit.

So here's my new year resolutions

  • Try to get real help for myself. I've spent the last year feeling off and different. I need help and it's okay to admit that. We all need help sometimes.

  • Book/plan things to look forward to again. Lockdowns made this really hard and i kept thinking what's the point in planning anything or getting my hopes up when it's just going to get shut down again. But i want to start having experiences again. Yes getting my hopes up sucks if it gets cancelled but so does just doing nothing.

  • Stop distracting myself so much, playing my switch or reading are hobbies that i 100% enjoy but i've also started using them as a distraction so i don't have to face the hard shit. i'm absolutely still going to do those things but i'm going to try stop using them as distractions.

  • Enjoy writing again. I haven't done a post like this in a while, and it's because i just fell out of love with writing. I didn't feel like my words were worth reading so i just didn't. But these posts are more for me than anyone else, so even if they help me a little tiny bit to put my words out then i'm going to do it.

  • Stop putting so much pressure on being creative. I put my brand on hold a few months ago because i just put SO MUCH pressure on myself to create things people like or just to be successful. And that's the opposite of what i actually set out to do in the first place. I fell out of love with being creative because i felt like a failure. I never set out to be successful, i set out to make just an ounce of difference. And i can't do that when i'm not healthy myself. So i'm going to fall back in love with my work and reevaluate my priorities.

  • Turning off likes on ALL accounts and ALL posts

  • Get outside more

After this long ramble (and thank you if you made it all the way down here), let me know if you've set any new years resolutions yourself? Here's to not putting pressure on them either way.

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