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Ways to support others during tough times by @the_depression_chronicles11

Written by @the_depression_chronicles11 and taken from This post

Life is fragile. Hard times are inevitable. At one time or another we all go through a difficult time. In those times we need each other more than ever.

Ways to help someone:

  • Silence speaks louder than words misspoken. Don't ignore them.

  • Don't make them ask for help. Ask them first is there anything you can do to help them.

  • Don't rush them through their pain. Give them time. Healing happens differently from everyone. Don't put a timeline on their healing.

  • Don't give them magic formulas. THERE ISN'T ANY. Don't assign blame and guilt to the situation. One of the last things someone who is suffering needs to be shamed.

  • Listen with empathy and compassion

  • Avoid expressing judgment

  • Encourage them to find effective coping strategies

  • Don't give unwanted advice

  • Don't be annoying. One thing might work for you but it might not necessarily work for your loved one. Know your limits.

  • Look after yourself. This could mean taking a break when you need it.

  • Don't compare or undermine their experience

  • Remind them how much you love them daily.

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