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What are love languages?

You might have heard the phrase "love language" knocking about. But we don't ever really dig in to what that means or how it can affect us.

We're all individuals and think differently from one another which also means we all experience love in different ways and therefore show our love differently. The way we show our love is categorised which turns into our love language.

There's 5 main love languages:

  • Receiving gifts

  • Quality time

  • Acts of service

  • Words of affirmation

  • Physical touch

We don't necessarily only experience love with just one of them, but some of them tend to mean more to us than others. For example, words of affirmation means more to me than receiving gifts, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the odd bouquet of flowers.

The problem we can have is not appreciating that people show love in different ways. We think that because we show our love one way, everyone else must too. Which eventually turns into thinking that someone doesn't love and appreciate you because they don't show their love in the same way as you. For example, someone might show their love as giving gifts but because they don't physically rest their hand on your leg when you're watching tv, you think the love isn't there.

It's important to know how you show your love vs how the people around you show their love. Especially for those those that struggle with doubting the love that people have for them (talking about myself here). I always struggle thinking that people fake wanting me around or they don't actually love me, so knowing that people show their love in different ways can really help try to bring myself back to reality.

So want to find out your love language? Click on the link:

They also have an apology quiz which is super insightful.

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