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Why it's important to create a safe space for yourself

I know how hard it is to keep your space clean (trust me), we've all been there with the depression pit building up and up. But i found that if i actually have a space that i feel comforting in then i tend to try keep it a lot cleaner so hear me out on this one.

To start off i want to make it very clear that I'm extremely privileged in the fact that i still live in my family home so only have to keep my own rooms clean, and the fact that i took over my brothers old room when he moved out. Which means i have a second 'bedroom' where i can put all the things that don't bring me comfort, like my clothes etc. So i have the ability to be able to make my room a space of comfort.

A "comfort space" will look different to everyone and it doesn't have to be a bedroom (that's just what works for me). It could be a living room or a kitchen or literally any area in the house. And it's so specific to an individual person.

To me my comfort room is filled with candles, 2 salt lamps, a lava lamp, a little red trex and a lamp that has a colour changing bulb for light. My beds covered in blankets and stuffed teddies. It's filled with books and dvd that bring me comfort along with nicknacks that do that same (pop figures, tarot cards and crystals). It's a place that makes me feel relaxed, there's no harsh bright light and it just has a cosy feel to it.

Once i made my room into a space that i actually liked being in it became a little retreat when the rest of the world started feeling too much. and it also meant i worked extra hard to keep it tidy so it could keep being that place of comfort. Even when i let my other room fall into an absolute depression pit, i always tried to keep my comfort area tidy. It also gives me a tidy place to retreat to when the rest of the house gets too messy.

Our minds find it a little easier to calm down when we’re in a safe place

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