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Why post Christmas diet talks are bad

I know post christmas diets are the usual norm for most people, and as we start going back to work/school it's something you're definitely going to hear. But i urge you to think about how damaging that talk is for not only people who suffer with thoughts around food but also just as a general idea.

Punishing ourselves with a diet for over indulging over christmas just highlights the whole binge restrictive cycle that we've accepted as normal. Throwing out all the sweets and chocolate in the new year to make way for "healthy eating" reinforces labelling food as good and bad.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to mix up your diet a little now christmas is over. I've eaten a lot of food that's different from my normal recently and i'm certainly going to go back to my normal comfort foods, but that's nothing to do with punishing myself for the food i have eaten. I've eaten some amazing food, and i never need to tell myself off for that. I deserve to enjoy food and so do you.

So onto my next point, calories might just seem like a number to some people, something to aim for to lose some weight. Which is completely fine in its own right and there's nothing wrong with losing weight in a healthy way. But you don't know what people around you are struggling with and how numbers affect others. Airily mentioning the calories your eating can affect someone in immense ways.

So before you start mentioning your post christmas diets or "how much you’ve let yourself go over christmas" just think about the people around you. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to diet without getting obsessed and/or it affecting them mentally.

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