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Meet the creators

All our logos are designed by individual creators and they deserve a very big shout out. Every single creator we work with is amazing and has their own unique style. We like to give people the creative freedom they deserve so here we are to showcase their work. Also big thank you to everyone on this list that dealt with our newby self, we very very much appreciate you.


Sam, aka Megalixirr

Designed our gorgeous little witchy logo that you dotted about our website and on the very first t-shirt we ever printed. He was amazing and created the cutest logo around (if we do say so ourselves).

Heads Up Hopes Up_Heads Up_Pink.jpg

Molly, aka mollyclairdesign

This amazing angel created a number of our t-shirts for us. She is as wonderful as her designs. Was so exciting working with her and I can't wait until we see some more designs from her. So definitely get in touch if you have any design needs.


Honestly just check out her instagram, do we need to say more? she's such a kind soul and gorgeous person, her designs speak for themselves. They are incredible and so is she.


Molly, aka @smoggartist

Just click the link to her instagram and come back to me. Her art speaks for itself, she is so so talented and incredibly lovely. Couldn't recommend her enough.


Laura designed our amazing new logo and sub-logo. They both perfectly capture what our brand wants to put across. She is the loveliest and if you need ANY design revamps or designs you should absolutely check out her page.

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